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Lighting Product 10 Year Warranty

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights and is provided in lieu of all other warranties, whether expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty against infringement and any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall seller be liable for accidental, consequential, indirect or any other damages or compensation. In all cases, the limit of this warranty is to replace the product.


Warranty Period


10 Years – Platinum Cover

On selected products, providing the product is installed and commissioned by an authorised installer.


5 Years – Gold Cover

On all products providing the product is installed and used in accordance with QED Lighting guidelines.


Terms and Conditions

1) The warranty period starts on the date of invoice, and proof of purchase must be available if requested.

2) The product must be installed, operated and maintained as per QED Lighting guidelines and instruction manuals, and used in line with the use for which it was designed.

3) Ambient temperature, Humidity and IP Exposure must be maintained within the operating range as stated in the product specification.

4) The electrical supply must be as per the product specification, and the product must not be subjected to voltage fluctuations above or below the rated voltage by more than 10%.

5) No misuse or abuse of the product has occurred before or after installation.

6) Products must be purchased directly from QED Lighting or a QED Lighting authorised Distributor. A list of authorised Distributors and Installers is available upon request.

7) QED Lighting reserves the right to insist upon a site evaluation and/or a detailed report before the removal of any product.

8) Any product that is claimed to be defective must be made available for QED Lighting to inspect before removal from the installation.

9) A product is considered defective if the light output compared to the initial light output has reduced by 30% or more.

10) The products covered by the Platinum 10-year warranty are only those listed in the Platinum warranty list current at the time of purchase.

11) The driver and all other parts in the product are covered by this warranty.

12) Any non-QED Lighting products or parts that are fitted to QED Lighting product are not covered by this warranty. Use of sensors or controls that are not specifically approved by QED Lighting will invalidate this warranty.

13) This warranty is subject to the laws of the UK, and is valid only for products installed in the UK.


Products eligible for Platinum 10 Year Warranty

Low Bay TLLB+

High Bay TLHB+

Cold Store Low Bay TLLB+-C

High Bay TLHB+-C

ArmourLED models TL6, TL5, TL4

Batten light models TL680, TL555, TL445

Sensor modules TLS-1 and TLS-2

Emergency modules TLE-1, TLE-2, TLE-2-C


All other Products eligible for Gold 5 Year Warranty.



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