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TL445, 554, 680 | LED Batten Lights

This range of linear LED batten lights provides a world leading 150+ lumens per Watt efficacy. It is the most efficient and best performing replacement for traditional florescent lighting available. This slimline LED batten light is designed for commercial environments and is available with optional sensor and/or emergency plug-in modules.
TL680 LED Batten Light


TL445-554-680 LED Batten LED Lights data sheet

These LED batten lighting fixtures are available in 3 sizes:

  • 1200mm (4ft)
  • 1500mm (5ft)
  • 1800mm (6ft)

and in 2 colours:

  • 4500K
  • 6000K

Linear LED Battens with 100,000-hour life

With a modern, slim-line design, these lighting fixtures incorporate an integrated driver with guaranteed 100,000-hour life and produce light output of up to 8000 lumens.

They combine high quality, consistent light output with class-leading efficiency. This makes them incredibly cost effective when compared to traditional commercial lighting fixtures and fluorescent tube lighting.

They are an incredibly versatile lighting fixture for a wide range of applications. The aluminium construction is durable and long lasting and allows the battens to operate in ambient temperatures of between -20°C to +50°C (-40°C and +60°C versions available to special order).


Emergency and Presence Sensor Options

The optional Sensor Module provides even greater efficiency and cost savings by eliminating wasted use. It automatically controls when the light switches on and off and can be set to be triggered by presence and/or ambient light levels. Also available is the Emergency Lighting Module which provides over 3 hours of battery back-up lighting in emergency situations.

This makes the LED batten lights an ideal option for commercial applications such as offices or corridors, or industrial lighting for warehouses or workshops.


Part Numbers

TL440-27-45-60-S 1200mm (4ft) 30W LED Batten with 4,500 lm, 106°, 6000K
TL440-27-45-45-S 1200mm (4ft) 30W LED Batten with 4,500 lm, 106°, 4500K

TL554-35-54-60-S 1500mm (5ft) 45W LED Batten with 7,000 lm, 106°, 6000K
TL554-35-54-45-S 1500mm (5ft) 45W LED Batten with 7,000 lm, 106°, 4500K

TL680-54-79-60-S 1800mm (6ft) 54W LED Batten with 7,900 lm, 106°, 6000K
TL680-54-79-45-S 1800mm (6ft) 54W LED Batten with 7,900 lm, 106°, 4500K

TLE-1-N Emergency Light Module (needs un-switched live to light)
TLS-1-N Presence/Light Level Sensor Module


Features & Benefits

  • Best in class efficacy at over 150 lumens per system watt

  • Available in 3 sizes with light output of up to 8000 lumens

  • Slim-line design

  • Integrated driver with guaranteed 100,000 hour life

  • LEDs have TM21 L70 projected life of 100,000 hours

  • Aluminium Extrusion construction

  • -20°C to +50°C ambient operation

  • Meets photometry standards for workplace luminaires EN10302-2

  • Meets standard EN60598 2-1 for general luminaires

  • Emergency, presence detection and ambient light, PLUG-IN modules and trunking mount bracket available.




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