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TLESN | LED Emergency Exit Sign

This ceiling mounted, fully self-contained emergency exit sign uses LED lighting to provide optimal efficiency and life span. The backup battery will power the LED emergency exit sign for over 3hrs and be visible from a distance of up to 28 metres.

Emergency LED Exit Light

TLESN - LED Emergency Exit Sign

LED Emergency Exit Signage 

The internally illuminated LED emergency exit sign can be used as a single or bi-directional emergency exit light and is sealed to IP65 for either indoor or outdoor use.

This fully certified LED fixture is ideal for commercial and industrial emergency lighting applications, has a 28m viewing distance and comes with our 5-year warranty.


Part Numbers

TLESN – LED Emergency Exit Light


Features & Benefits

  • Fully self-contained emergency exit signage

  • 3hrs running time on battery

  • Ceiling mounted

  • For use as either a single or double sided emergency light

  • IP65 weather resistant plastic construction

  • 28m viewing distance

  • Easy installation

  • For use inside and outside

  • Consistent light output

  • Five year warranty




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